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Plug & Spray System


This one of a kind multi-treatment system uses microtechnology to atomize tanning elixirs to the finest particle size for a flawless application. With Dual solution technology you can switch between an antiaging treatment and a sunless tanning application at a touch of a button. You can also create a custom blend by using the programmable mix function. Infinity Sun Plug & Spray technology with two solution capabulity houses 2 gallons of solution, delivering up to 135 full body sprays per gallon. Cost per spray works out to approximately $1.00 and requires less than 3 minutes to apply. On-the-fly intenstiy adjustment allows you to program and preset light, medium and dark, which eliminates the need for mixing to create the perfect shade. The solution remains sealed in the machine to maintain freshness and prevent oxidation. ZERO daily maintenence makes it ideal for any health or beauty business wishing to introduce luxury sunless tanning to their list of services.

  • Plug & Spray Technology - Eliminates mixing and pouring of solutions together with user error.

  • Easy Maintenance - No daily or monthly cleaning or maintenance required

  • Least Amount of Overspray - Atomization controlled by Micro-Technology so a little solution goes a long way

  • Fastest and Most Consistent Application - Perfect applications in less than 3 minutes

  • Only 1 Solution Adapts to All Skin Types - 10 levels of Light, Medium, and Dark

  • Highest Industry ROI - lowest cost per tan, highest upsell value

22" x 20" x 28"


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