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Creating and innovating sunless tanning products since 2004, Infinity Sun has become known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ or ‘Apple’ of the Sunless Tanning industry. Renowned for delivering 'Best-in-Class' products, Infinity Sun launched the first and only “plug & spray” technology, rendering it the most advanced spray tanning system on the market and making its users ROCK STARS in the spray tanning business!!

Infinity Sun not only delivers the most advanced technology, highest quality sunless tanning solutions and luxury retail line but also offers unparalleled education and marketing support. Our vast experience is passed on to our customers, teaching them how to succeed in this highly competitive environment.

Infinity Sun Academy trains sunless tanning professionals to go on to becoming the world's leading sunless tanning experts, spraying for TV, beauty pageants, body builder competitions and many others high profile events. If you are serious about the business of sunless tanning, look no further than the industry pioneer in airbrush tanning. Infinity Sun is the official sunless tanning brand of Miss California USA and MISS USA.

About Our Founder

Originally from New York, Veronique Munro studied and worked in London, Paris and Brussels for 21 years, where she cultivated her eye for beauty, skills and experience. Her professional career includes over a decade of business systems consulting to global Fortune 500 companies, including Toyota, Honda Motor Corporation, Universal Music Group, and Bass Hotel and Resorts.

Miss Munro’s journey into the sunless industry began at a young age, as a result of having unusually pale skin. Her nickname was 'Casper'. At the age of 14, she began mixing ingredients together to try to add color to her skin, as a means of feeling less self-conscious among her more 'pigmented' peers. Since then, she has not only helped to pave the way for the sunless industry but has had a strong influence on the way spray tan artists work today. With her background in technology and understanding of color and chemistry, together with her extensive business experience, she has helped over 8,000 businesses worldwide learn how to set up, run and grow successful spray tanning businesses.

Miss Munro’s objective is to remain the leader in developing the most advanced sunless tanning and skincare products for businesses, including salons, mobile spray tan artists, health and beauty businesses, as well as the consumer market.

Having a heart to help others, Munro has become an avid animal rescuer and Founder of Sprays for Strays, a nonprofit that raises money through the Sunless Tanning industry to assist dog rescue organizations across the United States to save stray and shelter dogs. This is a tribute to her dog, Snoopy, who she credits for changing her life and making the decision to start Infinity Sun.  http://www.spraysforstrays.com




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