• The Beauty of Sunless Now Within Reach
  • The Beauty of Sunless Now Within Reach
  • The Beauty of Sunless Now Within Reach
  • The Beauty of Sunless Now Within Reach


Sunless tanning is a multibillion dollar industry and within it, Infinity Sun is a PIONEERING sunless tanning brand. Infinity Sun launched before sunless tanning was even recognized as an industry. 

Concieved in 2005, Infinity Sun was considered the ‘Rolls Royce' or the "Apple' of the Tanning and Beauty sectors due to the most technologically advanced spray tanning systems ever launched and this fact is still true today!

Infinity Sun was also the FIRST company to combine the two fastest growing industry segments: sunless tanning and high-end skincare to create not only a great tan but to enrich the skin while delivering the HIGHEST ROI to business owners! The Ph treatment that sunless professionals use today was launched by Infinity Sun!

The 3 Spray Tanning systems introdued by infinity Sun are the Spa lite, Spa and Theater.

The Infinity Sun Spa Lite is designed for the ultimate in MOBILE spray tanning, which incorporates Infinity Sun’s “Plug & Spray” one-solution-fits-all technology. It also has on-the-fly intensity selection, air function for drying and on board contourig nozzle for up close, detailed work. 

The Infinity Spa is a transportable multi-treatment system that houses  2 gallons of Infinity Sun solutions at one time. It is a work horse capable of spraying up to 270 sprays in a row before reloading solution. If your salon already does over 20 back-to-back sprays per day, this system will save you time and solution for MAXIMUM profitabity. Lowest overspray and cost per tan in the industry with ZERO daily maintenence. You can also create a custom mix all at a touch of a button!

Infinity Sun Theater is designed entirely for the ultimate in-salon experience. This system brings together our proprietary Infinity Sun Spa spray tanning system and backdrop into 1 space-saving system to deliver the prfect custom spray tanning experience while keeping the environment clean and  mist free. 

Infinity Sun not only delivers the most advanced technology and unparalleled marketing support but also educates each of its technicians and businesses on how to succeed in this competitive environment through the Infinity Sun Academy. Infinity Sun trained sunless tanning technicians go on to become the world’s leading sunless tanning experts, spraying for TV, pageants, Body Builder competitions and many others high profile events. If you are serious about the business of sunless tanning, look no further than the industry pioneer in airbrush tanning.



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