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Infinity Sun takes a 360-degree, in-depth approach to integrative training & education.

With over 4,000 experts in the world trained by the  Infinity Sun Academy, ranging from the official spray tanning professional of TV, Movies, Academy Awards, Miss USA as well as those running extremely successful airbrush tanning businesses, it is easy to see why so many choose the Infinity sun Academy!

Infinity Sun takes a 360-degree approach to integrative training and education. Working directly with airbrush tanning artists, business owners and their teams understand the science of sunless, application technique, business-customer relationship and what it takes to be a real professional in this field. Infinity Sun believes that spray-tanning artists are created by incorporating the latest technologies, hands-on experience, world-class business consulting methods and proven sales strategies.

Infinity Sun utilizing the latest innovation in technologies and training modalities to train the end user on the theoretical aspects of skin, and skin care. Infinity Sun approaches education and training with a simple, yet in-depth 3 prong approach.

Theory | Product | Practice

"Our Philosophy is to make sure we uphold a high standard within the industry so that the end user has the best results possible, whether they use Infinity Sun equipment or a other spray tanning applicators."



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